How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Write

As a writer and a mom to three, finding time for myself, let alone writing, is tough. Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get anything done when I am running after my very active daughter, cleaning up messes, and trying to fix dinner in-between. Most days are hectic but I have made it my mission lately to get more serious about my writing. I’m not talking about writing for clients. I’m talking about the writing that is for you. Writing that is important to you, things that you want to write, whether that is for your blog, a script, or a short … Continue reading How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Write

Freelance Writing Is Such A Lonley Career

Where To Turn When You Have No One To Discuss Your Writing With One thing about freelancing is that it is a long and lonely road. There is no one to share in your successes. No one to pat you on the back once you finished that dreadful article to meet the client’s tight deadline. Even your partner doesn’t really understand it, unless they are a writer themselves. They can be happy for you, sure, but they don’t really get it. They don’t truly know what it means for your business when you are getting more and more orders. Or … Continue reading Freelance Writing Is Such A Lonley Career

Daily Routines To Help My Creativity

Here is my loose outline: (starting tomorrow) 1. Start my day with Morning Pages Have you heard of these? I first learned about them from an article on Medium describing a portion of a book from Julie Cameron. Here is a link to a really good video with Julie telling you about the advantages of Morning Pages: 2. Yoga and Meditation I love yoga but honestly, I have not done it in quite a while. With all the open space I have regarding time, I have no excuse not to get back in the habit. This will help me … Continue reading Daily Routines To Help My Creativity