Why You Need A Writer To Draft Your Resume

Looking for a professional to write a resume

Job searching can be a frustrating experience, especially when most companies require online applications. While it may seem like a convenient way to apply, it also means that recruiters receive many applications, making it challenging for candidates to stand out. Many job search engines offer the option to “Easily Apply,” but sending the same generic resume and cover letter to every job posting is not enough. This approach can hurt your chances of getting through Applicant Tracking Systems, ATS, and being noticed by recruiters.

It’s essential to balance visual appeal and relevant keywords tailored to the job description to increase your chances of success. If you’ve sent multiple applications and are still awaiting a response, recruiters may overlook your application due to a lack of alignment with ATS requirements.

This is where I can assist you. With my expertise, I can create a resume that will pass ATS and highlight your unique skills, even if you have yet to gain years of experience. Say goodbye to the stress of writing your resume, and let me help you land that interview.

Prices start at $99. Need more guidance with your career? Contact me for Career Coaching Services. I am one week away from completing the Goodwill Career Coach and Navigator Certification. Providing the best services to my clients is important to me.