Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?

It’s that time of the month. The one we as women dread: the visit from Aunt Flow. As you prepare for the inevitable, you gather the regular necessities, such as pads, tampons, and maybe a change of underwear (sometimes they can be messy). There is another option you may not have heard of, though. Have you ever considered using a menstrual cup? What Is A Menstrual Cup? I was not familiar with this additional menstruation option until I was stocking feminine products at a prior job. I stood, reading the back of the box, figuring out what it even was. … Continue reading Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?

Today Is My First Day On Anti-depressants

There is no pretending that I have always struggled with my mental health. I mean, who wouldn’t when the only mom you ever knew and had died when you were nine years old. Then, five years later the only dad you knew is dead, too.  Ever since my mother’s death, I had a profound grip on what depression is. While it was fairly intense at times, even resulting in me telling my middle school friends I was going to kill, I dealt with it in silence. I never openly told anyone I needed help. Maybe because I was so young, … Continue reading Today Is My First Day On Anti-depressants

I Binged The Netflix Series Selena: The Series, Part 2

I watched Selena the Series: Part 2 a few nights ago.  It was so insightful. I stayed up until 5 am because I just couldn’t stop watching. As a fan of the Tejano singer, I didn’t know a lot of that behind-the-scenes information that they shared. It really went in-depth with the struggles she faced as she grew into her fame.  While Part 1 went into her early years and portrayals of her sibling’s stories, Part 2 focused on Selena and her marriage. In the movie, they only had a small window to show her life and the life of the … Continue reading I Binged The Netflix Series Selena: The Series, Part 2

A Classic Place To Stuff Your Face: Maid Rite Sandwich Shoppe

With so much divide in the world today, the power of good food is still one of the few things that can bring people together. The search for something to satisfy the palette remains a continuous search for many. A simple trip to Greenville, Ohio will end the hunt for a tasty bite to eat. Deep in the heart of Darke County lies a family-owned restaurant called Maid Rite Sandwich Shoppe.  A family member of the business, Mark Koonpz, said his great aunt Louise Mayher began the restaurant back in 1934 on the corner of North Broadway, alongside her brothers … Continue reading A Classic Place To Stuff Your Face: Maid Rite Sandwich Shoppe

Can You Reheat Spaghetti Squash?

Known as the winter vegetable, spaghetti squash is quickly growing fame in the food realm. With its color shining a bright yellow and its shape and oval, spaghetti squash is becoming a quick favorite around the dinner table. Similar to squashes you may already know with its texture with a strong flesh, the insides bare huge seeds right in the heart of the squash. The reason they call it spaghetti squash is because of its comparison in looks to spaghetti noodles. When cooked, spaghetti squash insides can be scraped out to unveil very noodle-like innards. Reheating is quick and easy. … Continue reading Can You Reheat Spaghetti Squash?