Here’s My Experience With An IUD

I got pregnant back to back, so when I went back to the doctor for my checkup after having my daughter, I knew I wanted to discuss getting on birth control. I didn’t want another surprise baby. There are so many different choices to make now. I always used birth control pills, but I wasn’t consistent with taking them. So, I wanted to see what other options there were for me. My doctor suggested getting a birth control implant in my arm. That scared me, so I went with his other suggestion: an IUD. Does Insertion Hurt? I am among … Continue reading Here’s My Experience With An IUD

Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?

It’s that time of the month. The one we as women dread: the visit from Aunt Flow. As you prepare for the inevitable, you gather the regular necessities, such as pads, tampons, and maybe a change of underwear (sometimes they can be messy). There is another option you may not have heard of, though. Have you ever considered using a menstrual cup? What Is A Menstrual Cup? I was not familiar with this additional menstruation option until I was stocking feminine products at a prior job. I stood, reading the back of the box, figuring out what it even was. … Continue reading Are Menstrual Cups Better Than Tampons?