How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Write

As a writer and a mom to three, finding time for myself, let alone writing, is tough. Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get anything done when I am running after my very active daughter, cleaning up messes, and trying to fix dinner in-between. Most days are hectic but I have made it my mission lately to get more serious about my writing. I’m not talking about writing for clients. I’m talking about the writing that is for you. Writing that is important to you, things that you want to write, whether that is for your blog, a script, or a short … Continue reading How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Write

Here’s My Experience With An IUD

I got pregnant back to back, so when I went back to the doctor for my checkup after having my daughter, I knew I wanted to discuss getting on birth control. I didn’t want another surprise baby. There are so many different choices to make now. I always used birth control pills, but I wasn’t consistent with taking them. So, I wanted to see what other options there were for me. My doctor suggested getting a birth control implant in my arm. That scared me, so I went with his other suggestion: an IUD. Does Insertion Hurt? I am among … Continue reading Here’s My Experience With An IUD

Your Eyes Have Been Missing Since The 90’s

A Poem I’ve missed your eyes since the 90’s, That is the last time I saw you. I remember kneeling down at night, Crying everyday for the year after, Repeating over and over to God, Asking why? Begging for more time, more love, more substance, more reason, The closure never found it’s ending point, As I wrap my hands around your picture. ************ I’m focused on this world’s affairs as it prepares to fade into dust, I’ll remain here until I can rejoin you again. I’m praying for mercy so I can feel your warmth around me Your love, Your … Continue reading Your Eyes Have Been Missing Since The 90’s

The Delta Variant Is Growing Rapidly

India is seeing its largest death toll to date, topping numbers of over 400,000 deaths in the country alone. This could be due to the delta variant that is starting to see some significant growth in the United States recently. The deaths due to COVID-19 in India have been thought to be a lot higher than what is initially being reported because of the lack of ability to deal with the high body counts that their heath care system was not prepared to handle. So, the ever-prevalent delta variant is said to be the main cause of so many of the … Continue reading The Delta Variant Is Growing Rapidly

Freelance Writing Is Such A Lonley Career

Where To Turn When You Have No One To Discuss Your Writing With One thing about freelancing is that it is a long and lonely road. There is no one to share in your successes. No one to pat you on the back once you finished that dreadful article to meet the client’s tight deadline. Even your partner doesn’t really understand it, unless they are a writer themselves. They can be happy for you, sure, but they don’t really get it. They don’t truly know what it means for your business when you are getting more and more orders. Or … Continue reading Freelance Writing Is Such A Lonley Career